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We dedicate our attention to the sustainment of specialized aircraft platforms. We believe in solutions with high maintainability and low cost of operation long-term.

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Our Customers

Total Support for VIP & Special Mission Aircraft.

Our customers own and operate specialized aircraft dedicated to defense and private aviation. They operate helicopters and fixed-wing that can be utilized in multi-mission roles. These special applications requires superior commitment to quality and reliability as clients expect to be mission-ready at all times.

Defense Operators

This significant part of our customer base consists of operators who utilize their aircraft for defense, domestic infrastructure, rescue missions, natural disaster response and humanitarian needs. These clients operate older and relatively small fleets of specialized aircraft always used in critical and timely situations.

VIP/HOS Aircraft Operators

These customers require highly customized systems upgrades for superior comfort, convenience, entertainment, connectivity and safety. Our clients are corporations and private owners of mid-size and wide-body jets utilized for personal and business travel. Some applications include government operated aircraft dedicated to diplomatic expeditions around the world.

Strategic Airline Partners

Our airline customers belong to a selective group of operators in fast growing markets. These clients are not held by inefficient and expensive OEM parts and services agreements and they strategically prefer to work in the aftermarket with independent engineering firms to support the sustainable growth of their flight operations.

Our Vision

Aircraft Durability

The speed of technology challenges aircraft OEMs to sustain aging platforms. Specialized aircraft and small fleets are particularly more vulnerable to ensuing lack of support and obsolescence. We intent to keep your aircraft operational and productive for much longer than OEMs are genuinely capable or interested. We seek to make legacy technology more sustainable and upgrades more accessible in the long run.

Our Story

When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

Longtime colleagues joined by a natural tendency to high agency and entrepreneurship. What followed next was a creative process to spin-off their ideas and skills into a new company that was born from this exciting vortex.

All of the early founders had previous careers in the industry and most had their formative experience at EMTEQ Aerospace - An innovative and successful company, later acquired and today part of Collins Aerospace (UTC).

The founders moved away from traditional business models and questioned the old notion that companies must be dominated by sales or engineering mentality. Instead, this venture would be guided by quality principles in every aspect. This decision influenced business opportunities and shaped the organizational structure. Today, our story can be told through a series of accomplishments that defined continuous improvement and quality excellence as our major pursuit.

Founders Profile:

Joao Basilio
- Program Management, former EMTEQ, USA

Felipe Basilio
- Product Engineering, former EMTEQ, Brazil

Guilherme Palmeira
- Business Operations, former SAP, Brazil

Stephane Jaquier
- Business Development, former EMTEQ, Switzerland

Dan Kudla
- Product Manufacturing, former EMTEQ, USA

Ben Clement
- Business Finance, former USBank, USA

Management Team

Joao Basilio , Founder & CEO

As the company CEO, he provides direction and leadership for the entire organization as well as portfolio management, sales & marketing and business operations in the USA.

Before founding Aeronauticas, he served as Program Manager at EMTEQ Aerospace (Collins) working on new aircraft development with major business jet OEMs. He also served as Technical Sales Manager at Sikorsky (Lockheed) working with fixed-wing and helicopter operators. His background includes mechanical engineering, quality and aircraft maintenance technology.

Felipe Basilio , Founder & Technical Director

As the company Technical Leader, he provides direction to all engineering activities as well as management of programs, certification and business operations in Brazil.

Before founding Aeronauticas, he served as Lead Designer at EMTEQ Aerospace (Collins) working in electrical design and aircraft systems integration. He led joint design projects with major OEMs for platforms like the Bombardier Challenger and Embraer Legacy business jets. His background includes aerospace engineering, electronics, telecom and mass-transit transportation.


2012 - Business Jet Origins

The company is formed building upon founders experiences working on new aircraft development programs for all major business jet OEMs. Products and services concentrate on VIP operators seeking upgrades for cabin interiors, connectivity and the transition from analog to fully digital cabin systems.

2014 - Entry into Defense Platforms

The company successfully builds an international commercial network to pursue defense projects. The implementation of legacy technology support programs for aging defense aircraft wins over new contracts with governments, head-of-state transport and leads to projects with C-130s, Bell helicopters and other defense platforms.

2016 - Nextgen Avionics Expansion

The company becomes a leading provider of ADS-B upgrades. The technology is designed to be the cornerstone of next generation avionics developed to move air traffic management into the future as global air travel is forecasted to double. Major projects with strategic airlines also allows the company to grow partnerships with MRO facilities around the world.

2018 - Research & Development

The company creates a new division in California looking to develop hardware and software applications. New trends on passenger connectivity lead to development of cabin management and travel apps. Also, multi-mission requirements from defense and private operators lead to development of medical flight solutions.

2020 - Engines & Total Management

The company develops a network of repair & overhaul partners to meet the new realities of the industry. The global events of 2020 require operators to optimize engine utilization and maintenance activity more than ever. Total engine management programs are created in collaboration with authorized service centers to elevate overall efficiency, quality and reliability.

Aeronauticas Design is an engineering company interested in intelligent modifications for aircraft sustainability and productivity. We develop and integrate systems for modernization and service life extension. We cultivate deep technical knowledge, quality excellence and a customer centric mindset.

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