The Lean Approach to Avionic Upgrades

Select only the most appropriate systems for your aircraft and get on the shortest path to modernization and compliance with current mandates.

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Regulatory Mandates

Take Simple and Direct Steps to ADS-B Compliance.

Our approach aims to eliminate wasteful aspects of programs by removing barriers, excessive cost, unnecessary features and long and unclear paths to certification. Finally, We push back against early adoption of low-value/nascent technology traditionally pushed by OEMs who tend to propose large and expensive upgrades.

ADS-B Upgrades

The program is specially designed to meet the needs of aging fleets by providing the simplest path to compliance to most mandates currently enforced worldwide. This lean approach reduces your financial downside in case of aircraft retirements and eliminates the need for expensive service bulletins and full navigation system upgrades. The program is FAA/EASA approved and meets all safety and operational requirements.

Avionic Upgrades

Select Only the Most Appropriate Systems Free from OEM Bias.

Our programs are strictly designed to resolve each individual technical challenge, regulatory mandate and budgetary requirement. Our solutions are cost-effective, well researched, customized and neutral from any particular OEM influence.

Cockpit Modernization Programs

These programs are ideal to expand aircraft useful life and comply with technical and regulatory requirements. New digital systems bring higher reliability but with significant upfront costs. We compare your existing avionics against current requirements to ensure a smart/cost-effective choice. We bridge the analog-digital gap with electronic displays and gradual upgrades of communication, navigation and safety systems.

Aeronauticas Design is an engineering company interested in intelligent modifications for aircraft sustainability and productivity. We develop and integrate systems for modernization and service life extension. We cultivate deep technical knowledge, quality excellence and a customer centric mindset.

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