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Medical Equipment

Get equipment specially designed to match your mission requirements. Approved solutions with all airworthiness and product qualification applicable to defense and civil aviation.

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Defense Operators

Critical Infrastructure for Medical Evacuation.

Response to natural disasters, epidemics and humanitarian support require intensive medical care capability. The lack of specialized equipment for medical flights leads to frustration and ineffective mission results. It's time to stop improvising and become mission-ready.

Medevac Systems

Modules with intensive care capability for up to 2 patients. Multiple modules available depending on aircraft size. Compliance with standards recognized by NATO-Countries and health agencies worldwide. Setup with monitoring, ventilators, oxygen, stretchers and isolation unit to protect crew from contagious disease during evacuation. Configured for C-130, A400M, C-390, CN-235, C-295 and portable to most defense cargo aircraft and medium-size utility helicopters.

Private/VIP Operators

Medical Flight Capability is Now Essential.

Increasingly, people are flying away to remote locations where injuries and infectious disease are likely. The geographic centralization of specialized health care facilities makes medical flights an essential part of global health infrastructure. Get certified systems installed with portability and ease in multiple business jet platforms.

Medical Flight Systems

Quick-change design enables medical flight capabilities for aircraft as the Embraer Phenom, Bombardier Challenger and Gulfstream business jets. Equipment configured for passenger medical assistance during travel or fast evacuation due to emergency conditions. Medical beds and intensive care units are easy to install and approved by FAA and EASA. Purchase or lease the complete system for a single aircraft or shared utilization within your fleet.

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